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the ligurian coast

A trip to discover the Ligurian Coast, the Riviera dei Fiori (the Coast of Flowers)

The Ligurian Coast is a long stretch of coast (approximately 330 km) that goes from the Principality of Monaco to the Province of La Spezia and it is divided into two sub-coastal areas: the Riviera di Levante (the Eastern Coast: Genoa and La Spezia) and the Riviera di Ponente (Western Coast: Savona and Imperia).
In this case, the stretch of coast where you can find Diano Marina is also known as the Riviera dei Fiori, (the Coast of Flowers) as it has a particularly mild climate where it rains very little and there is a lot of sunshine which makes it ideal for floriculture.

What you can see in the area surrounding Diano Marina

Naturally, in an area that is so rich in landscapes, as well as elements of historical and cultural interest, it is difficult to make a choice, yet it is only right that we provide you, as a starting point, with a list of only some of the most famous towns which are close by and can be easily reached from our  wellness hotel in Diano Marina:

Monaco e Monte Carlo

The Principality of Monaco and Monte Carlo, one of its most famous districts need no presentation. They are only 75 km from Diano Marina so they are one of the most popular destinations for those who choose this corner of the Ligurian Coast for their seaside holiday.


This is one of the places where you can breathe the authentic atmosphere of the Ligurian hamlets. This location is also ideal for an off-season week end to spend among the colours and the thrills of the winter sea. The Church of St. John the Baptist is one of the best examples of Baroque architecture in the Liguria region and it makes the overall picture of the town, seen from the beach, absolutely enchanting.
We will be happy to provide you with further information and to help you create your ideal itinerary along the Ligurian Coast, according to your expectations and needs!

Nice and the Côte d’Azure

Once you have passed the Principality of  Monaco, continuing along the French coast, you come right into the heart of the Côte d’Azure, famous worldwide for its beaches and locations such as Antibes, Cannes and Saint-Tropez.


In this location, only 15 km from Diano Marina, apart from the extremely beautiful sea, you can follow important itineraries immersed in the local greenery as well as two interesting art galleries, ideal for art lovers.

San Remo

40 km from here, there is a place on the Ligurian Coast that must be visited, one of the symbols of the Riviera dei Fiori (the Coast of Flowers): Sanremo. It is famous for hosting the Italian song festival and it also has an important casino.
Without forgetting the wealth of our hinterland area, where splendid locations such as Apricale, Dolceacqua, Diano Castello, Triora, Valloria and many others are worthy of note.
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