Sicherer Urlaub in Diano Marina

Entdecken Sie, wie wir für Ihre Sicherheit und Ihr Glück sorgen

Your safety is our main concern. We are closely following the developments of the global pandemic, following the spread of the Covid-19 virus, in order to strictly adhere to the indications that will be given to us by the competent governments.

As you surely understand, the situation is constantly evolving. What is not changing is our maximum commitment to comply with the regulations for containment.

For this reason we apologize from now on if all the services cannot be provided in their ordinary way, but it is a small sacrifice necessary to be able to enjoy, all together, the relaxation, the sea and the holidays that we have longed for.

The Hotel's reopening is scheduled for May 2021, with regular restoration of the hotel's services.


What are the measures that will be taken for the sanitation and for the management of social distancing?


(it doesn’t necessarily mean vaccination)

Many of the services we provide are affected by the new legislation in matters of safety. Let’s think, for example, of the bar, restaurant, wellness center, gym, breakfast (with outdoor and indoor seating).

For this reason, as from 6th August, we will ask our guests wether or not they possess the new Green Pass.

This will occur only at check-in, in order to ensure a safe stay without disturbance. We will do as such to guarantee:

    We believe that by inhibiting some of our services it would be impossible to maintain the high level of quality that we are renowned for and that our guests appreciate.

    We wish to treat all guests equally. We cannot and do not want to make differences on subjects of which we lack proficiency.

    We wish to treat all our guests equally. We cannot and do not want to make distinctions on grounds that are not due.

Green Pass is controlled at the entry and doesn’t necessarily mean vaccination
The rule states that the Green Pass is checked upon arrival at the hotel, not during the stay.

It means that the Guests are absolutely FREE TO CHOOSE what they prefer for themselves: the vaccine, in fact, is not the only way, since it would be enough to arrive even with a negative swab, carried out in the previous 48 hours.

Guests without a GREEN PASS, and who do not wish to obtain it for any reason, can renounce the use of the services involved (e.g. indoor restaurant/bar tables, gym, wellness center) through a specific information form to be signed at the time of Check in.




We are awaiting new regulations regarding the beach service for the year 2021.

Given the evolution of the pandemic, we cannot yet guarantee that last year's service delivery, which we report below for completeness, will remain the same.

2020 REGULATIONS (to know whilst waiting for the possible changes for 2021):

The beach will be available, with increased spacing and sanitizing of the beds twice a day.

However, compared to the service that we used to offer to our Guests, we are forced to limit the availability in oder to make up for the greater distance between beach umbrellas. Therefore, not every Guest will be able to make use of the service as before.

What does this mean?

It means that the beach will NOT be included for the following room types:

  • Double room Economy
  • Double room Standard
  • Single room Economy
  • Single room Business

All other room types will enjoy the beach service, included in the rate, for all stays between June 15 and September 15. Know that:

- the beach is 150 meters from the hotel
- for all rooms that are entitled to it, an umbrella with two sunbeds will be assigned, depending on availability upon arrival
- the first, second and third row, the corridor seats and the Solarium seats will be available on request and with supplement
- the beach is included from the morning of the day of arrival to the day before departure

General Measures

  • All our staff will be equipped with personal protective equipment.
  • The air conditioning systems will be checked and cleaned regularly.
  • Bicycles will remain available through sanitization before and after use.
  • It will not be possible to accept guests who have a fever on arrival.


  • Total sanitization of the rooms before check-in, using specific certified cleaning products, according to different materials and surfaces treated. The cleaning material used will be disposable, or previously treated for disinfection.
  • The rooms will always be ventilated before cleaning and sanitizing actions.
  • It will be possible to request not to have the room cleaned during your stay, in order to avoid any risk (optional)
  • In some rooms decorative elements may be removed to facilitate cleaning and sanitization.
  • Access to the room will be guaranteed through the use of electronic key, completely sanitized before use.  The key will be kept by the Guest for the entire stay.

Reception and common areas

  • Frequent sanitization of all the rooms of the Hotel, common areas, seating and all the passageways, depending on the crowding.
  • In all common areas it will be obligatory to maintain the interpersonal distance of at least one meter.
  • Our Guests will be provided with a 60-85% alcohol concentration of sanitizing gel for hand hygiene in different areas of the hotel.
  • The use of the mask or respiratory protection will be required in all common areas, indoor. Safety devices will be available to Guests who request it (extra cost).
  • It will be possible to send to the Hotel, before arrival, all information necessary for registration, as well as a copy of an identity document that will be shown on arrival.
  • The custody of valuables at Reception is suspended.
  • Use of lifts will be limited to allow interpersonal distance: this distance may be waived in case of persons who are part of the same family or who share the room.  In all other cases Guess will be asked to respect social distancing (1m).
  • Call buttons of the elevators will be subject to very frequent sanitization.

Restaurant and Bar:

  • The tables' layout is predisposed to garantee the distancing of each table by 1 meter, except for tables occupied by families or people sharing the same room.
  • Our historic and popular starter buffet will be removed and replaced by table service.
  • All dishes, cutlery and glasses will be washed and disinfected with a dishwasher, including items never used when there is the possibility that they have been touched by other Guests, or by staff.
  • Room service will be provided in closed containers or with a lid. Delivery times may be longer than normal, although as far as possible we strive to minimize them.
  • Breakfast buffet will be offered with a new formula: it will be possible to order à la carte, or choose directly from a covered and safe buffet, and our staff will take care of the service.
  • Menus will be digitalized to avoid contact.

Gym, SPA (Wellness)

  • Use of gym will be subject to very strict rules regarding time of access, the sanitization of the instruments and distancing between Guests. 
  • SPA services will be provided upon advance booking only, in order to allow staggered access to facilitate social distancing and proper cleaning and sanitization of all areas.
  • Some treatments and massages may not be available, or may be subject to change in terms of implementation.
  • Social distancing of 2 meters within the wellness center is mandatory.

Swimming pool, whirlpool Jacuzzi

  • Access to the pool area must always be in accordance with rules of social distancing: there must be at least one meter from all people present.
  • To ensure safety of guests and staff, access to water and surrounding solarium may be limited in number at certain times of the day.
  • It will be possible to access whirlpool pool on the 5th floor only individually, or together with people belonging to your family or not subject to the rules of social distancing.


  • Beach is subject to extreme spacing rules, which have led to a significant reduction in capacity and availability. 
  • Service will be subject to the limitations expressed at the top of this page.

Children's playroom

  • The room will be fully sanitized at regular intervals, using appropriate products.
  • Products will be supplied to sanitize any toy or instrument before and after use.
  • Access time may be limited to ensure maximum safety.
  • Restrictions apply to number of people accessing the area at the same time, in order to ensure sufficient space for each person and to avoid crowding.
  • Assemblies are strictly forbidden and a distance of one meter is always required.

Some of the Hotel's services may be provided with limitations, or may not be available.

  • Swimming pool and Jacuzzi
  • Gym
  • SPA Treatments and Massages
  • Bicycles
  • Breakfast buffet
  • Dinner Buffet
  • Beach
  • Children's playroom

However, as indicated in the previous paragraph, we will try to ensure that all services can be provided safely.

Flexible cancellation policies - it's up to you!

We have decided to meet the requests of our Guests: this year, exceptionally, we are offering particularly flexible cancellation policies, which allow cancellation up to a few days before arrival.

You can choose different rates according to the conditions.

However, please read the conditions carefully before booking.

We are happy to welcome you and to do what we like best: putting your Well-Being at the center of your stay.

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